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2016-01-07 06:46 pm

New artist Julien Baker -- great!

I really like Julien Baker. Lots of good YouTube vids out there.
Have been listening to her debut album a lot, the last couple weeks.
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2015-05-25 07:21 pm
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Was doing some cleaning and organizing today, and came across an old paper brochure from an Arthur Ganson exhibit I saw at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum back in 1992. It was great, and very crowded. Now we have You Tube videos of his work. I like this one:

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2015-05-06 05:57 pm
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Good music

Have been listening to Agnes Obel, and really like her. Reminds me a little of Vienna Teng, who we saw and loved a couple of weeks back.
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2014-10-29 06:38 pm
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2014-09-30 02:05 pm

Tubular Ukulele

Mike Oldfield's Tubular bells for Ukulele Orchestra

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2014-09-10 12:38 pm

Shopping at Lowes now...

Had a fraudulent charge appear on my Visa Card. Sure enough, I used it at Home Depot during the period of the data breach. The nice person at Chase Visa said they were getting lots of fraudulent charge reports today. She was refreshingly honest.
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2014-09-03 03:01 pm

Impressive reboot of Market Basket

Drove my Mom to a Demoulas Market Basket today (on the North Shore), and was very impressed. Less than one week after the settlement, the store was very well stocked. The bread and fruit sections were not completely restocked yet, but other than that, it was pretty much normal.
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2014-04-13 07:05 pm

Abandoned Malls

Photoset of abandoned malls.. It is odd to see "ghost malls". When I was a kid, my town got the first mall in the area and it was such a big deal (it is still there but aging badly). Getting a mall used to be a big deal, and they were packed. Now we have abandoned and falling apart malls.
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2014-01-31 12:55 pm

Childhood toy on the net...

When I was a kid (1960s); I had many of the Mattel "Thing-Maker" mold toys that let you "cook and make" bugs (creepy crawlers), dragons, army men, flowers and many others. To this day, I still have some of my creations.

I was delighted to find a great net presence of people collecting and still using them:
This site brought back memories of my childhood. The cookers were VERY hot, and such a toy could never be made today with safety laws, and fear of lawsuits.
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2013-12-19 03:19 pm

Target Credit Card Breach

Target has had a credit card breach. Sadly, I did shop at Target with a credit card during the period stated. As of this morning my card looked AOK, but we shall see. Its a card I use for many automatic payments which makes it a nuisance to deal with, if I have to get a new number. This happened to me before with the TJX/Marshall's breach a few years back.
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2013-11-15 12:02 pm

Guilty pleasure … old TV show on DVD

I have been watching Dark Shadows, the gothic soap on DVD. In my younger days I watched reruns of it on my local UHF station and loved it. Its very fun to watch again. It holds up pretty well, and IMHO it was a trailblazer for later horror in TV and movies. Like many shows of that era, it clearly did not have a lot of budget for sets.

It is fun in that it was done sort of as live theatre in that video tape edits were expensive and hard to do. They just kept going over all sorts of blown, forgotten lines etc. The cast were excellent at keeping going no matter what.

One of the original actresses, Kathryn Leigh Scott, is now a publisher and writer: her accounts of making Dark Shadows are fun and amusing.
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2013-10-07 07:14 pm

New cool band...

Have been listening to Festivalia, by Accolade for several days now. It is my best music purchase in ages. I found them somewhat by accident. They do a nice cover version of a song by the band Renaissance, which is a long time favorite of mine. Someone posted a link to them on a Renaissance fan site. They have a great variety of sounds and the vocals remind me of the Mediaeval Baebes who I saw last weekend. Many vids and samples on Accolade's You Tube page.
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2013-09-18 08:01 pm

Coding Horror 2

Actually more of an API horror. Am using a product's internal API and there are two routines that would be commonly be used together. One of them returns 0 if it worked, and non-zero if it failed. The other one returns 0 if it failed, and non zero if it worked. Was this really necessary?
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2013-09-11 12:39 pm

Coding Horror

Was on site this morning working on my client's product code. Some very old, very critical code has comments sprinkled all over it like:

* <<<< come back and change this

* <<<<<< come back and fix up the above routine

There is no further explanation of what to "come back and change/fix".

A quick perusal of the code library indicates that they have been there for
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2012-08-08 01:41 pm

Geek bumper sticker

On the Mass Pike today, I saw the following bumper sticker:

"There's no place like"
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2012-04-02 07:45 pm
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2012-03-31 08:30 pm

Great use of Kickstarter

Have been a fan of the band Renaissance since about 1979, and have been lucky enough to see them twice on their recent tours after years of inactivity. They are producing a new album and unable to get record company funding, so they are using Kickstarter to fund the album. This is great, and it is also encouraging that they are already half way there, and the project just started this week. I was happy to donate.